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"Thanks a lot for making all this clearer for me...Indeed - sounds so obvious now."
Polonca Korosec-Decaix
Polonca Korosec-Decaix
Change Mgr, Levi Strauss
"No one really compares to you. Your clarity is astounding."
Lee Cullom
Lee Cullom
Northcraft Analytics
"Concise and to the point as always :-)"

Robert James
Robert James
Senior Project Manager,
WYG Group
"Robert is able to convince technical specialists of the value of pragmatic well managed operational processes."
Pascal Favre
Pascal Favre
Managing Director IT, UBP

26 Years of Service

25 years of service


"Your ability to simplify the most complicated...concepts, and bring clarity is something I greatly admire."
Harsha Karkenhalli
Harsha Karkenhalli
Sr. Mgr-Service Design, Al-Futtaim

Watch this sample lesson:

Why use kanban to manage your work?

Why learn kanban with our eLearning?

Watch this overview of our Kanban Foundation eLearning training:

Our eLearning course provides you with the information, tools and method you need for starting a kanban initiative in a team.

Expected benefits of using kanban include:

  • Reduced process complexity
  • More efficient processes
  • Better management of priorities
  • Greater visibility of work
  • Greater satisfaction with work
  • Increased productivity
  • Shorter lead times
  • Reduced costs
  • More predictable results


Anyone interested in using kanban in a team.

This eLearning course has no specific prerequisites. However, an experience of working in or leading teams would be beneficial.

Any sector where the main type of work is knowledge work. This includes, for example, IT, product development, finance, marketing, sales, HR, insurance, health care, government, telecom operations and many more. In fact, virtually any service industry, as well as the non-operational aspects of manufacturing, can benefit from this course.


  • Understanding flow
  • Background of kanban
  • Value streams
  • Pulling vs. pushing work
  • Kanban boards & cards
  • Physical vs. software tools
  • Managing bottlenecks
  • Limiting work in progress
  • Queue replenishment
  • Work prioritization
  • Managing batch size
  • Classes of service
  • Flow metrics
  • Types of mgmt. meetings
  • Implementation guidelines
  • Optimization strategies
  • Maturity model

This eLearning course is entirely online and self-paced. Take the lessons, perform the exercises and take the quizzes at your own rhythm, whenever it is convenient for you. The only fixed sessions are the periodic live Q&A sessions.

Depending on your schedule, the course may be easily completed in a few days or weeks. The course must be completed in a maximum of 183 days.


€ 149 (= approximately US$ 175 or GBP 135). Included in this price: all modules for the course, live Q&A sessions, exercises, quizzes, examination, PDF certificate, access to student forum.


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Kanban for knowledge work
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