Has your organization adopted best practices for service management, but still:

  • Lead times remain long
  • Poor integration of service management and development or architecture
  • No continual improvement
  • Misalignment with customer needs
  • Useless metrics
  • Heavyweight, inflexible management?

How can Kanban help improve service management?

  • Radically shortened lead times
  • Motivated personnel using agile, self-organized work
  • Simple alignment with customer priorities
  • Natural incentives for continual improvement.

How does Concentric Circle Consulting help you use Kanban for Service Management?

  • Free introduction to Kanban for Service Management. When is Kanban a good choice. What benefits can you expect?
  • Practical training, online or face to face, in the use of Kanban for Service Management. Learn how to become self-sufficient in implementing, using and improving the management of services, using Kanban
  • Kanban for Service Management coaching. Get on-site help, troubleshoot your use of Kanban.