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  • 1. The act of engaging to produce a work item
  • 2. A category of system for managing the flow of work wherein the trigger for executing any given activity in the value stream is found in a downstream activity
  • 3. The adjustment of upstream work in progress limits so that the rate at which new work items arrive at a bottleneck activity does not exceed its capacity to handle them
  • 4. Author of a law in network queuing theory
  • 5. A class of service for which a team takes special steps to ensure its rapid and unblocked handling
  • 6. A type of distribution of data for a population or a sample where the values group around multiple values
  • 7. A metric for the cost to a customer of putting off the delivery of work
  • 8. A queue placed ahead of a bottleneck or other critical activity
  • 9. Work that has been started but not yet completed
  • 10. The size of a work item that is of value to a customer where the balance of the costs and risks in creating it are minimized.
  • 11. A class of service where the value of the service to the customer is indirect, difficult to quantify, and visible (indirectly) only in the long term
  • 12. The amount of time a work item spends being worked on, as opposed to waiting in a queue, blocked, or stalled due to multi-tasking


  • 13. The time during which a work item is in progress but it is not currently being worked on.
  • 14. An unusual, unexpected measurement of a process that may be assigned to a specific cause
  • 15. The status of a work item in which it is prevented from progressing through the value stream as normally expected
  • 16. An approach to the management of the flow of work
  • 17. A metric measuring the degree to which an appropriate resource is instantly available when required to maintain the flow of work
  • 18. The act of populating an input queue
  • 19. Changing from one task to another, restoring to mind the specific data, issues and requirements relative to the task to which the person changes
  • 20. A periodic review by the stakeholders of a service provider to receive and manage feedback about the provider's performance.
  • 21. A cost directly related to the size and/or complexity of the handling of a work item
  • 22. An ordered set of work items waiting for an activity to process them
  • 23. A condition in which people or activities lack work due to inadequate flow from upstream
  • 24. A horizontal band on a kanban board containing only specific categories of work items
  • 25. An activity whose delivery rate constrains the delivery rate achievable from the system as a whole
  • 26. The default class of service corresponding to the typical needs of a customer, without specific constraints regarding the timeliness or the perceived value of the service

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