Kanban Training and Seminars

Our certified kanban training and seminars consist of four modules, each adapted to your requirements:

Kanban Simulation Workshop

These Kanban training workshops take a hands-on, gaming approach to demonstrating the key principles and benefits of using Kanban. They start with a very short presentation of the fundamental practices of Kanban. This presentation is followed by a series of simulations during which the participants discover for themselves how Kanban works and why it is effective.

Kanban for Deciders

This introduction takes an interactive, seminar approach to articulating the issues faced by an organization and equipping the deciders in that organization with the information they need to invest in kanban training  and in using kanban to improve the management of their services.

Kanban Foundation for Knowledge Work

This kanban training provides the information required to start a Kanban initiative for a team or a larger organization

Kanban for Service Management

This kanban training course provides an understanding of how to apply the kanban approach to the management of services. It examines the service management disciplines—such as change management, problem management, incident management, service level management, capacity management, among others—one by one and provides techniques for using kanban to improve these management disciplines.