Kanban for Deciders

Are you a decider, determining how work is organized?

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  • Are you confident that you can deliver on your promises?
  • Do you have the right information to answer difficult questions?
  • Do you want to speed up delivery without increasing costs or reducing quality?

Kanban for Deciders shows you how, using an interactive, seminar approach. It highlights the performance, quality and cost issues faced by an organization and equips the deciders in that organization with the information they need to invest in using Kanban to improve the management of their services.

Target Audience:

The Kanban for Deciders workshop targets deciders:

  • Without experience in Kanban
  • Interested in gaining a better understanding of Kanban
  • Wanting to understand how management facilitates the Kanban approach.

Type of event:

Face to face, in-house and on demand.

Seminar topics:

  • Issues that the organization seeks to address
  • Issues that Kanban can address
  • Kanban practices
  • Customer, manager and knowledge worker roles
  • Management’s commitment
  • Transition strategies
  • Feasibility assessments
  • Next steps


One-half day (approximately 3 hours).


CHF 2’000 per seminar, plus expenses.

How to register:

To organize a Kanban for Deciders workshop, please use our contact page to request an appointment or call us.
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