Notable Publications

I provide here bibliographical information on any publications that I find of particular interest to service management practitioners.

Anderson, David J., 2010 KANBAN. Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business. Blue Hole Press. ISBN 978-0-9845214-0-1.
Bhattaram, Kiran, 2016 A Dark and Stormy Night: Operational Antipatterns. QCon San Francisco 2016.
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Cook, Richard I., 1998 How Complex Systems Fail. Cognitive technologies Laboratory, University of Chicago. Downloadable here
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Humble, Jez, 2010 Continuous Delivery and ITIL: Change Management, retrieved from here.
Humble, Jez and David Farley, 2011 Continuous Delivery. Pearson Education, Inc. ISBN 978-0-321-60191-9.
Kahneman, Daniel, 2011 Thinking, Fast and Slow. Macmillan. ISBN: 978-0-3742756-3-1, $30.00.
Kniberg, Henrik, 2014 Spotify Engineering Culture
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Swenson, Keith D., Nathaniel Palmer, Jacob P. Ukelson, 2010 Mastering the Unpredictable. How Adaptive Case Management Will Revolutionize the Way That Knowledge Workers Get Things Done. Meghan-Kiffer Press. ISBN 978-0-929652-12-2.


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