Rights & Duties

Information for users of this site

The purpose of this page is to describe the ethical principles upon which the 3cs.ch domain is based. Your use of this site implies that you accept the conditions described here.

As a visitor to the domain 3cs.ch, you have certain rights and duties. This page makes explicit our policy regarding them. At the same time, the owner of the 3cs.ch domain, a commercial entity, has rights and duties, which are also detailed here.

Anyone visiting or using any part of the 3cs.ch domain implicitly agrees to all the rights and duties described on this page. If you do not agree, do not visit this site.

The duties and rights described here are indivisible. You may not agree only to one or more rights, for example, without also agreeing to the duties.

Please be advised that the owner of 3cs.ch is Robert S. Falkowitz, doing business as Concentric Circle Consulting, a business registered in Switzerland.

Your Rights

Anyone granted access to this site has the right to copy and reuse for legitimate purposes any information displayed on this site’s pages and downloaded from this site using a download mechanism provided by this site.

Anyone visiting this site has the right to be forgotten. This right may be exercised if the authenticity of the request to be forgotten is adequately established. Being forgotten means deleting all data that may be attributed to a visitor from the production version of the site, and ensuring that such data is also deleted should it be restored from a backup.

Visitors to this site may post information to the site at their own risk and peril.

The right and duties described on this page provide you with no legal remedies whatsoever, beyond those to which you are already entitled under the law.

Please see below for information about the cookies that this site may store on your computer. Of course, you are perfectly free to block the creation of these cookies or delete them at any time, or not use this site. By using this site, you agree that the site may attempt to store cookies, as described below, on your device.

Your duties

You have the duty to respect both the owner of this site and the other users of this site. In particular, you shall not:

  • attempt to change any content of which you are not the author
  • attempt to prevent access to this site by anyone
  • attempt to gain information about other users of this site, excepting that information posted on the site by other users for the express purpose of being visible to site visitors.

If you reuse any of the information found on this site, you shall attribute that information to its author.

Registered users will not provide registration information of which they do not have legitimate user rights, such as email addresses that they do not own.

Our rights

We have the right to determine all the content displayed on this site. This includes the right to remove all or part of any content contributed by visitors or any third parties

We have the right to make this site unavailable without notice to anyone at any time.

We have the right to leave in backups data from people who wish to be forgotten.

We have the right to analyze the explicit and implicit data about visitors to the site for our own purposes.

We have the right to have the content of this site indexed by search services.

We may provide links to third parties, such as advertisements, where clicking on those links will result in the tracking of the click by third parties, such as advertising services.

We may use third parties for the purpose of providing a technical infrastructure for this site, which parties may have access to any and all data stored in the 3cs.ch domain.

We may store cookies on visitors’ computers. In fact, the cookies are all created by the WordPress software that this blog uses. Their purpose is to facilitate the visitors’ use of this site. To our knowledge, the cookies created all start with the text “wp-settings” or “wordpress_”.

Our duties

We will not share any data about any visitors to this site with any third parties without the authorization of that visitor. This includes both explicit data, such as email addresses, the contents of comments, names, etc., and also implicit data, such as site visiting patterns.

We will not exploit data in backups for any reason except to restore that data to a production system.

We will not attribute the contents of this site to anyone other than its respective authors.

We will inform, in a timely manner, registered users of this site of any breaches to the confidentiality of the personal data they may have recorded here.

We will not trick visitors into providing information that they do not wish to provide. Any links where clicking on them may result in tracking by third parties will be explicitly labeled and will be entirely optional for the visitor.

If we use third parties, such as hosting services or networking services, to make this site available to you, we will be cautious about selecting them. We will terminate any use of such services should we believe they have not been sufficiently diligent in protecting the security of the information contained on this site.

More about cookies

We may use the following cookies:

Name Purpose Duration
MOODLEID1_ Technical Store your login name from session to session for access to training courses
MoodleSession Technical Maintain connection from page to page Until the end of the session
wp-settings-1 Technical Editor settings One year
wp-settings-time-1 Technical One year
wp-settings-​time-1103 Technical One year
PHPSESSID Technical Until the end of the session
wfvt_ Technical 30 mins.
__eucookielaw Technical 180 days
wpbo_1521 Technical One month
wordpress_test​_cookie Technical Until the end of the session
wordpress_​[32 digit hex number] Technical Until the end of the session
wordpress_​logged_in_​[32 digit hex number] Technical Until the end of the session
wordfence_​verifiedHuman Technical Until the end of the session
wpp_popup_​2073_closed Technical 30 days
wptouch_​customizer_use Technical Until the end of the session
wfwaf-authcookie_​[32 digit hex number] Technical 24 hours

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